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Black Doomba Artists present and past:

Bludy Gyres, Cult of Sorrow, DayGlo Mourning, Drift Into Black, EMBR, Indus Valley Kings, Grave Next Door, Gravehuffer, HolyRoller, League of Corruption, MNRVA, Negative Wall, Tommy Stewart's Dyerwulf, 

Latest Releases

HolyRoller - art - Swimming Witches - front cover -  final copy.jpg

HolyRoller - Swimming Witches

Vinyl Released March 10, 2023

Black Doomba Records is known for releasing singles and albums in the doom genre that need to be discovered. HolyRoller's 'Swimming Witches' is one of the latest releases as of July 8, 2022. Links at 'Learn More' for more info about HolyRoller. From Adam Cody, guitarist/vocalist, "Swimming Witches was our first release as a full band with everyone bringing riffs & songs to the table. This release taught us how to work together & fine tune our craft."

MNRVA - Hollow cover 250dpi.jpg

MNRVA - Hollow

Vinyl Released April 7, 2023

This is one of the newest releases courtesy of Black Doomba Records, and it’s guaranteed you’ll love this album, 'Hollow'. MNRVA is a doom fuzz band formed in 2018 by Byron Hawk (g/v), Kevin Jennings (b/v), and Gina Ercolini (d). The band plays doom metal with a sludgy vibe and a fuzzy tone that doesn’t easily fit in a single category but is always heavy. The band’s mid-slow tempo tracks highlight strong, catchy songwriting with varying vocal styles, drawing on a progressive sense of arrangement, groove-laden riffs.

EMBR cover.jpg


Vinyl Released December 8, 2023

EMBR formed in 2015. Their mission statement is to find the happy medium between both sonic worlds, to walk with one foot in somber density and the other in a place of blissful, uplifting tranquility. A statement about the single, "Nomega" from Erik Bigelow (drummer)  "Nomega is essentially about the dark spirits behind the curtain. The frauds, scam-artists and cheats draping their two-faces in propaganda and deception. It's about the pillagers, thieves, and highwaymen that steal our dreams from under us. It's also a call to action to hold these rotting corpses accountable and pull them from the "branches". That well sums up the general direction of the whole album as well as the single.

Gravehuffer - Depart From So Much Evil - front cover - 300dpi.jpg

GRAVEHUFFER - Depart From So Much Evil

Released February 17, 2023

" 'Depart from So Much Evil' is a strong, iconoclastic work of strange death/grind that often works in ways that defy common expectations. A worthy addition to the deranged discography of one of the southern United States' most deranged and innovative bands." - Mjolnir, Metal Crypt

"I always think of this side of the extreme underground in terms of capsaicin, the natural chemical that gives peppers their heat. Gravehuffer has always been Ghost Pepper level for me." - CleanandSober


Black Doomba Recording Artists 

          Latest or upcoming releases by


Progressive Doom


EMBR formed in 2015. Their mission statement is to find the happy medium between both sonic worlds, to walk with one foot in somber density and the other in a place of blissful, uplifting tranquility. They have released 5 EP's and 1 full length album.

Eric - Drums    Crystal - Vox    Justin - Bass    Mark - Guitar

For fans of Oceans of Slumber, Windhand, High Priestess

GND - logo - transparent.png

Stoner Rock

Built on experience as veterans, rock lifers and road warriors, Grand Rapids, MI natives Grave Next Door create a rock and doom fusion combining elements of riff heavy psychedelic rock.

For fans of Cream, Melvins, and Sleep.


  Hard Rock with Stoner and Doom influences

"Something quite different in the stoner rock/metal world. Something that is far more layered than the initial description suggests. Indus Valley Kings don’t just play stoner fuzz. No, they infuse their groovy and moody sound with grunge, doom and blues. All with an exciting and delicious grubbiness. The more it goes on, the more times you listen, the more is unearthed." - Carl Fisher - gbhbl

  For fans of Kyuss, Corrosion of Conformity, Clutch

TSD - art logo fyrewulf brightened .png

Heading 2

Two Piece Experimental Doom Metal

"From its inception, Tommy Stewart’s Dyerwulf has been an outlier, a perplexing charge which the metal scene has never been able to put its finger on. A solo project for metal nerds, Tommy Stewart’s Dyerwulf embraces a minimalistic approach to doom, but with a light at the end of the tunnel...the end result is eclectic and unusual..." - Carl Fisher, gbhbl

For fans of Year of the Cobra, Spaceslug, 1000 Mods

More Black Doomba Artists

Bludy Gyres Shield Logo.jpg


Traditional and Progressive Doom

"Rather than concentrate on monotonously slow sluggish music that is full of feedback and growling vocals, Bludy Gyres takes a more classic approach to doom metal. Like early British doom metal bands such as Black Sabbath the music is bass heavy however the band threw the power trio book out of the window and incorporates elements of early British Prog such one might hear in the music of King Crimson." - Terry Cuyler, Taste Nation

Cult of Sorrow logo white on black.jpg


Traditional Doom-Hard Rock

Cult of Sorrow is a doom metal band from Cincinnati, Ohio inspired by early heavy metal in it's most primal format. "Cult of Sorrow sounds like Black Sabbath as fronted by Deep Purple’s Ian Gillan. Yes, such a collaboration resulted in the oddity known as Born Again in 1983, but the Cincinnati group has a much more 70s approach in mind. Comparisons could also be made to traditional doom revivalists like Hour of 13 and Briton Rites as the guitar tone is somewhere between retro fuzz and a dark crunch, while the occult lyrics are delivered by a mid-range vocal that opts for melody without sounding too operatic or melodramatic." - Chris Latta, Indy Metal Vault

DayGlo Mourning logo 3.jpg


Southern Sludge

"DayGlo Mourning. With gritty vocals from Jerimy McNeil (bass) and Joseph Mills (guitar), and instruments (Ray Miner – drums) that sound as though they were recorded through thick mud, this Atlanta band is here to bring you down with hefty riffs. Three of their songs can be found on the ‘Rope Enough For Two‘ split with Bludy Gyres." - The Metal Wanderlust



Melodic Prog and Gothic Doom

"Craig Rossi treats us to a truly atmosphere focused album (Patterns of Light), blending proggy gothic doom metal and European style melodic doom death, all with an impressive synth base and haunting vocal melodies. has more of a proggy goth rock feel to it, particularly with the back and forth clean and harsh vocals, bringing to mind Opeth. If you like dark brooding doom metal then give this a spin." - James, cavedwellermusic

Gravehuffer logo 1 white on black.jpg


Death Thrash Doom Mix with a Touch of Crust

Gravehuffer has crafted their sound into an other-wordly amalgamation of Crust, Punk, Metal, Grindcore, and unapologetic down-tuned Sludge-laden Doom. "Yep, you get a bit of Punk, some Crust, a dash of Grind, a nice serving of NWOBHM type stuff, a little bit of leaden Doom can be present...heck you name it, they mix it all together in one big fat METAL boiling pot and the result is rather a tasty offering to say the least. ...Put simply, Gravehuffer are Metal as fuck, and that, good people, is a fact." - The Metal Wanderlust

HR - logo - logo - black back - rectangle.jpg


Doom Sludge with Rock Elements

HolyRoller formed in 2019 when Adam Cody & drummer Jay Ovittore began to jam heavy stoner rock in the vein of Elder & Mastodon.
In the NC metal scene, HolyRoller recruited guitarist Jim Mayberry & bassist Jason Kincaid. They began writing & entered the studio with Jamie King (Between the Buried & Me), released the "HolyRoller' EP (2020), then their debut album, 'Swimming Witches' (2022). 

LoC logo.jpg


Hard Rock-Groove Metal-Southern Sludge

League of Corruption are a hard rocking groove metal band emerging from the primordial ooze of the Vancouver heavy music scene. The band crafts a sound that fuses classics like Lynyrd Skynyrd and modern icons such as Corrosion of Conformity. This leads to a southern tinged assault. Suffice it to say, League of Corruption like their metal groovy and their beers cold. It all ties into the band's ambitious vision. Although they're a Canadian band, you'd swear they came right out of the Nola or Atlanta sludge scenes.

MNRVA - logo - green - black back - rectangle - 300dpi - psd.jpg


Traditional Doom

"Describing themselves as a doom fuzz band that does not readily fit into any genre but is constantly heavy, my interest was peaked! Especially as I do have a soft spot for stoner and doom." - Oli Gonzalez, Metal Temple - MNRVA is a doom fuzz band formed in 2018 by Byron Hawk (g/v), Kevin Jennings (b/v), and Gina Ercolini (d). The band plays doom metal with a sludgy vibe and a fuzzy tone The band’s mid-slow tempo tracks highlight strong, catchy songwriting with varying vocal styles, drawing on a progressive sense of arrangement, groove-laden riffs.

NW White on Black logo 300dpi.jpg


Sci-Fi Blues Doom

Negative Wall lyrically explores 60's sci-fi tv shows and blends that with descriptions of older times in polarized storytelling. When you mix that with blues inspired riffs done as slow metal, with a touch of psychedelia, then you get a unique offering with a mostly doom metal feel from this trio.

A look at Black Doomba Record: Why would a music artist want to sign wth a label?

expect the dark

BDR Logo Blue Medium.jpg

Black Doomba Records is an independent metal label founded in January of 2018 focusing on the awareness of various styles of doom metal and other heavy music. A primary goal of Black Doomba is the unification of artists and audiences that are enthusiasts of these styles of music.

Black Doomba Records E-mail address:

Managing contact: Tommy Stewart

Artist submission at

Submissions will be reviewed. If you don't get a response it's not that we didn't like you, it's that for one or more of several reasons you didn't fit the label profile at the time. You're welcome to submit again at a later date.

Quote from a BDR Facebook post in answer to a musician asking, What can a label do for bands nowadays?

      "A service is provided to do things that artists could likely do, but doesn't get done. What's offered is to invest in an artist to make physical products of a creative type, colored vinyl, limited edition packaging, unusual collectible versions. It's distributed through online sources, independent music stores, and physically at festivals where BDR vends and joins as sponsor (Maryland Doom Fest, Tennessee Metal Devastation Fest, and Atlanta Slaughter Que Festival) and promotes the artist through networking and promo agents. Time, money, and energy is spent networking and establishing the best priced and quality manufacturing, promo, and distribution. True, perhaps the bands could do all this too. But they often don't, it requires more effort than they can afford, they're understandably busy, we're already networked and worked past all the mistakes they may be about to make so we're saving them time and money. Here, the work is done for them."


Black Doomba is committed to creating and distributing styles of doom metal. Artists submitting music should be web active, playing shows and a doom style of metal.

Thanks for submitting!

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